Pashinyan won nothing with Onik Gasparyan’s dismissal – Vazgen Manukyan

Panorama, Armenia
March 10 2021

"The task of the opposition is to remove Pashinyan from his post. The position of the Army is favorable for carrying out this task and it has not changed," the opposition candidate for the post of interim prime minister Vazgen Manukyan told reporters ahead of the Homeland Salvation Movement's rally on Baghramyan avenue. 

Manukyan's commented on the news that the chief of the General Staff Onik Gasparyan was relieved of his post by virtue of law on Wednesday, according to a statement signed by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. To remind, the statement, released by the government’s press service, said Gasparyan was considered dismissed after the president neither signed a draft decree on his dismissal nor asked the Constitutional Court to determine its legality within the timeframe prescribed by law.

In Manukyan's words, Pashinyan didn't benefit from the dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff as the position of the Army has not changed, instead it has reinstated its stance that Pashinyan poses a threat to the security of Armenia. The opposition leader insisted that the most decisive step in dismissing Gasparyan was made not by Pashinyan but President Armen Sarkissian who, per Manukyan,  bears full responsibility along with the PM for any upcoming developments.  

"If Pashinyan had enough power he would continue destroying the army. Whether he will succeed or not depends on the Commanders of Army Corps likewise the person who will replace the Chief of the General Staff," stressed Manukyan.

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