Vazgen Manukyan: Opposition needs to stay strong so that Constitutional Court protects Armenians’ interests, Armenia
March 1 2021

Armenia doesn’t have a bad leader, it has been conquered by enemies. This is what Vazgen Manukyan, candidate of the opposition Homeland Salvation Movement for Prime Minister of Armenia, said during today’s rally held by the Movement on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue.

“The day Nikol Pashinyan became Prime Minister, I noted that there had to be big turbulence in order to rebuild the country. It was our mistakes that helped the enemy seize Armenia,” he said.

Manukyan touched upon the fact that the President of Armenia has sent the petition to dismiss the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces back to the government. “The President stands firmly, but his strength depends on the opposition’s strength. The stronger we stand, the stronger he and the army will be. Later, the issue will be raised in the Constitutional Court. We need to stand firmly so that the Constitutional Court protects the interests of our nation and army. All Armenians of Armenia need to stand up,” Manukyan said.

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