CSTO ex-Secretary General: People who didn’t serve in Armenian army are trying to govern us

news.am, Armenia
March 1 2021

People who haven’t served in the army and have thrown dirt at the army are trying to govern us. This is what Colonel-General, former Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Yuri Khachaturov said during today’s rally held by the opposition Homeland Salvation Movement on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan.

“For instance, Pashinyan [Prime Minister of Armenia] says he hasn’t served in the army since his brothers had served before him and he had the opportunity to not serve since he was the third brother. However, Pashinyan is from Yenokavan village and could have come and spent at least a few days at the border checkpoint during vacations. Nobody has seen him. There is someone by the name of Styopik Safaryan. Vazgen Manukyan was serving in office (referring to the position of chairman of the Public Council of Armenia-ed.), but he was replaced by Styopik Safaryan, who says he was 14 when the war broke out. In 1992, he was 19. Why is he lying? He is simply a coward and deserter,” Khachaturov said.

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