Nikol Pashinyan’s dismissal ‘just a matter of time’, analyst says

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 26 2021

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s dismissal is “just a matter of time” in the wake of the military’s top brass demanding his and his cabinet’s resignation, according to Tigran Abrahamyan, the head of the Henaket Analytical Center.

“Regardless of how the authorities will react or what measures they will take following the statement of the General Staff of the Armenian army, Nikol Pashinyan’s dismissal is just a matter of time,” he wrote on Facebook, adding his removal from office is in everyone's best interests.

“The authorities cannot resolve any problem through pressures or arrests. The army has already expressed its position; it’s a fixed fact with no escape from the existing realities.

“Even if they arrest all the servicemen, the attitude of the armed forces will not change. Thus, any distrust in the political authorities by a key pillar of our statehood will lead to inevitable processes,” Abrahamyan said. 

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