Central Bank of Armenia: exchange rates and prices of precious metals – 26-02-21


YEREVAN, 26 FEBUARY, ARMENPRESS. The Central Bank of Armenia informs “Armenpress” that today, 26 February, USD exchange rate up by 0.99 drams to 527.96 drams. EUR exchange rate down by 3.76 drams to 640.20 drams. Russian Ruble exchange rate down by 0.08 drams to 7.08 drams. GBP exchange rate down by 10.90 drams to 736.03 drams.

The Central Bank has set the following prices for precious metals.

Gold price down by 84.83 drams to 30208.32 drams. Silver price up by 3.94 drams to 474.01 drams. Platinum price up by 141.37 drams to 21183.93 drams.

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