Opposition warns Armenian police leadership of consequences for following PM Pashinyan’s orders

News.am, Armenia
Feb 23 2021

The opposition has warned Armenian police leadership of consequences for following PM Nikol Pashinyan's orders.

Police representatives will bear full responsibility for fulfilling the orders of this 'madman',  the coordinator of the Homeland Salvation Movement, a member of the ARF-D Supreme Body Ishkhan Saghatelyan said this in front of the police building. 

He also demanded that the police chief come down and explain to everyone present the reason for all those illegal actions that had previously been carried out by the police officers near the 3rd building of the government building.

Armenian police have been forcibly apprehending citizens during Tuesday's protests in Yerevan.

A large number of police forces have been concentrated in front of the government buildings since Tuesday morning, as the opposition had announced that they would hold a protest outside the third building of the government because PM Nikol Pashinyan was to visit the building where several ministries are located.

Once Pashinyan approached and left the building, the protestors were addressing him and chanting, "traitor, land-giver."

While PM was in the building, police have forcibly apprehended 57 citizens standing there doing no provocations, including political leaders.

As the police have been using force, opposition representatives Razmik Arabyan got a broken leg and Ishkhan Saghatelyan had blood on his face.

Until the PM came out, there were very few people standing there, but they kept shouting that Nikol is a 'traitor'. Meanwhile, snipers have been spotted on the rooftop of a building of the government of Armenia.

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