Pashinyan ‘will stand trial separately for two crimes’, says opposition leader

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 17 2021

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan must stand trial separately for two “crimes”, opposition leader Vazgen Manukyan told reporters in Yerevan’s Liberty Square on Wednesday.

“There will be two trials. First, Pashinyan will answer for corruption, for plunging the country into the corruption he was fighting against. Second, he will be held to account for the outbreak of the [recent Artsakh] war and treason," said Manukyan, who has been nominated as a caretaker prime minister by the opposition Homeland Salvation Movement.

According to him, this whole period has shown that Pashinyan is an incompetent leader, which is unable to lead both the country and the army.

Referring to Pashinyan's promises made during his visit to the second largest city of Gyumri today, Vazgen Manukyan noted that he resorts to populism to remain in power by making various “empty” promises.

The opposition leader said that Nikol Pashinyan “is posing a threat” to the future of the country.

"A man who is desperately trying to cling to power at any cost cannot possibly be respected by his people or the foreign states; he cannot bring benefits for the country," Manukyan said, adding that Pashinyan's most “patriotic step” would be to step down.

Noting that there are some groups of people who may treat the premier with respect, Manukyan said at the same time that today all experts, scientists and artists, who have a deep understanding of the situation, have no respect for him. People’s living conditions have not improved during his tenure, Manukyan said, again urging Pashinyan to resign.

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