Minasyan explains why French ambassador to Armenia keeps silent

Vestnik Kavkaza
Feb 6 2021

6 Feb in 22:09

Russian peacekeepers banned a group of French journalists to enter Nagorno-Karabakh with accreditation issued by Yerevan, former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican and Portugal Mikayel Minasyan wrote in Telegram.

"Yesterday I got a call from a friend close to the Elysee Palace. And he says:

– Listen, what happened to our delegation there? I get some scattered information, there is nothing in the media, and nothing is clear.

– Come on, – I tell him, – the usual story. This is the result of your silence,” Minasyan notes, explaining:

"Russian peacekeepers prohibit entry, saying that you are entering Azerbaijan, and the accreditation received in Armenia is invalid. If you want to enter the region, get an Azerbaijani accreditation," News.am quotes the former diplomat as saying.

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