Armenia ex-deputy defense minister on Davit Tonoyan’s interview and Nikol Pashinyan, Armenia
Jan 26 2021

Armenia ex-deputy defense minister on Davit Tonoyan's interview and Nikol Pashinyan
13:58, 26.01.2021

I was expecting former Minister of Defense of Armenia Davit Tonoyan to give an interview that would be totally different in terms of style, quality and format, especially after the war that took place in the fall. This is what former Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia Artak Zakaryan told reporters today.

According to him, the defense minister bears a totally different and more significant responsibility than other high-ranking officials, especially during a war. “All this played an essential role in Armenia’s defeat, and members of the opposition and various experts and specialists have talked about all this several times, yet all the comments and observations remain unanswered,” the ex-deputy defense minister said.

In response to the comment that Tonoyan tried to warn the opposition to not make him primarily responsible for the failures of the Defense Army of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), Zakaryan said this reminds him of an attempt to justify himself and be defensive.

“When Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan resigns, he will also try to justify himself and be defensive. There might be a lawsuit filed against Pashinyan, but I don’t know who will agree to defend him,” he said, adding that, in spite of this, Pashinyan, whom he described as a pathological liar, won’t have problems with self-defense since he is capable of using any trick to defend himself.

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