Armenian opposition movement denies media reports about Syunik visit

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 19 2021

The Homeland Salvation Movement comprising Armenia’s 17 opposition parties dismissed media reports alleging residents of Syunik Province barred Vazgen Manukyan, the opposition candidate for interim prime minister, from entering the region during his visit on Tuesday.

“Some news outlets reported that Vazgen Manukyan is on a visit to Syunik at the moment, but Syunik residents have blocked his entry into the province. We deny it as fake news,” the movement said in a statement.

“No regional visit of Vazgen Manukyan and the Homeland Salvation Movement is taking place currently. Vazgen Manukyan is at his office in Yerevan, and his meeting with a group of economists has just ended.

“We would like to inform you that the Homeland Salvation Movement plans regional visits in the near future and further information will be provided on them. We urge the media not to spread disinformation,” the statement said. 


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