Authorities took no action to stop the war – Vazgen Manukyan

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 15 2021

"We were not protected during the war, as we had failed to purchase proper armament," Vazgen Manukyan, the candidate for PM's post from the opposition Homeland Salvation Movement stated on Friday during the meeting with citizens in Gyumri. 

Manukyan, along with other representatives of the Movement, tours the Armenian provinces to mobilize the population demanding the resignation of PM Pashinyan. 

"Days after the war started, the military leadership came to conclusion that it should be stopped, and negotiations should start. That was done during the April war in 2016, when Azerbaijan retreated and stopped the war at the demand of Moscow," Manukyan said, adding no action was taken by authorities to stop the war. "If the war were stopped we wouldn't have thousands of victims and loss of significant territories. Was that because of a treason or stupidity? That was either a stupidity, lack of state vision, or the result of a treason. You may choose any version," said Manukyan.  

The opposition figure added that the situation continues worsening as the borders of the country are being narrowed, Armenians are ignored by all, amid numerous losses, including material and an internal anxiety and despair prevailing in the public. "We have lost 100 thousand hectares of arable land, 315 thousand of meadowland, 15 major mines, $1 billion worth of weapons, self-confidence. The questions arises whether this was inevitable" said Manukyan. 

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