Families of missing soldiers ‘unhappy’ after meeting at Armenian government

Panorama, Armenia

Dec 25 2020
Society 16:10 25/12/2020Armenia

Families of missing servicemen are unhappy with the meeting held at the Armenian government on Friday. After a three-hour meeting, they say they have not received answers to their questions.

"I am not satisfied with our government’s response. I did not receive an answer to my questions," Sergo Davtyan, the uncle of one of the missing soldiers, told reporters after the meeting.

He said he had also raised the issue of equipment used for DNA testing of unidentified bodies removed from the conflict zone at the meeting.

Earlier on Thursday, Sergo Davtyan along with a group of other protesters blocked Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan with trucks, paralyzing the traffic on the road.

"I am a missing soldier’s relative. We have been looking for them for 45 days, but have not found the children. I have been to Artsakh. We are sceptical about search operations… This is not a political action and I am not a member of any party.

“These lies have to stop. At first they said we were winning, but now we don’t even know how many soldiers have been taken prisoner, how many are missing and how many casualties we have. We need a normal and educated leader able to hold talks. I don’t want to give names, simply people who can stand by us," Davtyan had said.

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