Leaders of Armenia, Artsakh Republic discuss ways to restore normal life in Artsakh

Public Radio of Armenia
Nov 22 2020

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hosted Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan.

Welcoming the President of Artsakh, the Prime Minister noted. “Mr. President, I welcome you to Yerevan, this is our first meeting after the cessation of hostilities. Of course, we lived through quite difficult times together, we made difficult decisions; now, as we agreed, we must concentrate our efforts to restore normal life in Artsakh, to ensure the return of our compatriots, to create the necessary conditions.”

“The Armenian government has already made a number of decisions regarding the financial assistance to our compatriots in Artsakh. Of course, these actions will continue. I have published a “road map” that you are familiar with, we have discussed it, and here our main task is to restore the normal life of Artsakh, to provide social guarantees for the families of killed servicemen and citizens, to find out the fate of the missing as soon as possible and provide social guarantees to their families, disabled soldiers and implement social-psychological work in general,” the Prime Minister said.

He said after the war, both Armenia and Artsakh need big investments, and “we must work together to ensure those investments.”

In his speech, Arayik Harutyunyan noted. “Dear Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for the meeting. In fact, not only on a daily basis, but also during the war, we had the opportunity to present the situation in the post-war period. Today I want to note that the flow to Artsakh, the return of our compatriots is quite fast.

Arayik Harutyunyan noted, in turn, that 25,000 people have ruturned to Artsakh in the past five days, and the flow continues.

he thanked the Government of Armenia for responding to the social needs of the Artsakh Republic.

“In the coming days, several social programs will be implemented, in particular, financial assistance will be provided to each Artsakh citizen who has moved to the Republic of Armenia, and our compatriots who have lost an apartment will be allocated 300,000 drams per capita,” he said, adding that other programs will also be implemented to relieve the social tensions.

“I would like to express special thanks to the Armenians, to all our compatriots in the Republic of Armenia, who have hosted the people of Artsakh during this month and a half, they have not seen or felt any kind of problem. But taking into account the fact that the weather is getting colder and the utility costs will increase, we are trying to reimburse some utility costs through the operative headquarters established in Yerevan, also for our compatriots in Armenia who have provided their property, hotels or facilities. We have a lot to do here,” Harutyunyan said.

“In the first stage, we plan to relocate our compatriots to Artsakh. Those who have deprived of their homes will be relocated in stages so that we can accommodate and solve social problems in the process. I am sure that in the near future there will be no social problems as a result of the investments; we will be able to implement the planned socio-economic programs together,” the Artsakh Republic President said.

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