Survey Shows What Armenians Think About Russia

Nov 19 2020
07:00 GMT 19.11.2020(updated 17:00 GMT 19.11.2020)

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – More than 80 percent of Armenians have a positive attitude toward Russia and see the country as an ally, a poll for Radio Sputnik revealed, a week after the nation struck a Moscow-brokered ceasefire deal with Azerbaijan.

Of those surveyed Armenians, 83.8 percent said that they have a positive attitude to Russia, while 9.4 percent expressed their negative attitude. Another 6.8 percent were unable to give a definitive answer. The poll was conducted by MPG, the exclusive representative of the GALLUP International Association in Armenia.

Russia also topped the list of friendly nations on whose support Armenia could count in difficult times, with 62.3 percent of respondents mentioning this country. Russia was followed by France (39.9 percent), neighbouring Iran (6.4 percent), the United States (5.8 percent), Germany (1.2 percent) and Georgia (0.6 percent). A total of 4.6 percent were unable to give a definitive reply.

When asked whether Russia is Armenia’s ally, 84.6 percent replied in the affirmative, while 11.8 percent replied in the negative. Another 3.6 percent were undecided.

As for military assistance or political support, the majority of Armenians would be ready to accept it from Russia (79.6 percent). Armenians would also welcome assistance from France (14.4 percent), Iran (6.8 percent), the US (5 percent) and Germany (0.4 percent). Slightly over 12 percent mentioned other countries, and 7.4 percent did not provide a clear answer.

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