7 Villages in Martakert to be Surrendered to Azerbaijan

November 19,  2020


According to the “end of war” document, which stipulates the surrender of Artsakh territories to Azerbaijan, seven villages in the Martakert Province, which is to remain under Artsakh control, will have to be handed over to Azerbaijan.

According to Artsakh authorities Azerbaijan is claiming that the seven villages fall in Aghdam, which is scheduled to be surrendered on Friday.

The seven areas in Martakert that are to be surrendered to Azerbaijan

Artsakh authorities said the villages of Nor Maragha, Nor Aygestan, Nor Seysulan, Nor Karmiravan, Nor Haykajur, Hovtashen and Nor Jraberd, as well as the city of Akna in the Martakert Province “are being fall under the control of Azerbaijan, pursuant to the terms of the trilateral agreement on ending the Karabakh war signed by the Armenian Prime Minister and the Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan.”

Artsakh authorities have been moving the property of more than 2,000 residents from these villages and working to ensure accommodation for them.

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