Azerbaijan will not see capitulation of Nagorno Karabakh: Armenian PM on another failed ceasefire

Public Radio of Armenia
Oct 26 2020

The Armenian side has been doing its best to ensure the US-brokered ceasefire is maintained, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said live on Fcebook.

“The Defense Army has shown restraint since morning, but at this moment we can state that the ceasefire has failed to be observed for a third time,” Pashinyan said.

“I talked to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last night and said that I was sure the ceasefire would be violated. I asked Secretary if the ceasefire is not respected, how are we going to find out which side violated it? Secondly, I asked what would be the consequences for the party breaching the ceasefire,” Pashinyan said.

He hopes official Washington will answer the questions today.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Presidents of Russia, United States and France are sincere in their efforts to help establish ceasefire. He added that the issue is especially important for the US, which is facing presidential elections in a week.

The Prime Minister said that while the Armenian side has been very flexible in this period, Azerbaijan has not shown any willingness to accept anything. “What Azerbaijan wants is capitulation of Nagorno Karabakh at least.”

The Prime Minister stressed that while the Armenian nation is ready for mutual concessions, even painful ones, Armenian people are in no event ready for capitulation.

“Therefore, the Armenian nation should find resources to struggle and protect its interests,” the Prime Minister stated.

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