Letter to Editor of The Toronto Star: Armenians are forced to fight to survive

The Toronto Star, Canada
Oct 19 2020
Armenians are forced to fight to survive
Mon., Oct. 19, 2020
I am writing to express my concern about reports of Azerbaijan’s attack on Armenians since Sept. 27.
There are a total of three million Armenians trying to protect themselves and their nation with very few resources. They are not the ones who initiated this war; they were living in peace.
Armenians are only fighting right now because they don’t want their entire nation to die. Armenians have suffered a genocide in 1915 (carried out by the Turks). Today, the Turks still deny this even happened.
Today, their goal is for Armenians to flee from Artsakh (which is originally an Armenian land and has hundreds of old Armenian churches to prove it).
The Turks are trying to finish the elimination of Armenians their grandfathers started.
These are the exact words of the Turkish president today.
Turkey is helping Azerbaijan with this war.
There are a total of 90 million Azeris and Turks, so why and how would Armenians be able to initiate this war? Armenians know that they would never win; they don’t have any resources.
These are people trying to fight for their existence so they don’t lose everything that they have.
Tamara Sarkisian, Winnipeg

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