Azerbaijani press: Shamil Ayrim: Today, as 102 years ago, we’re next to Azerbaijan with same enthusiasm, faith

By Trend

On September 15, Baku marks the 102-nd anniversary from the day of its liberation, and on this occasion, I congratulate both the Azerbaijani and Turkish peoples, Member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary friendship group Shamil Ayrim told Trend.

Ayrim noted that today is a significant day in the history of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In 1918, 28-year-old Enver Pasha was appointed commander of the Caucasian Islamic Army created by the Ottoman State. First, on May 25, 1918, the Caucasian Islamic Army liberated Ganja, and then the 12,000-strong army, which was joined by 1,000 servicemen of the Azerbaijan Corps, liberated Baku from the occupation.

"In the battles for the liberation of Baku, 1,130 servicemen of the Caucasian Islamic Army were killed. Nuru Pasha was greeted in Baku with great enthusiasm, he turned to the people from the minaret of the Tazapir mosque, and since then this minaret remembered as the "Minaret of Nuru Pasha". After the signing of the Mudros Treaty, the Caucasian Islamic Army was forced to leave Baku. Nuru Pasha recalled those days in this way – 'No matter how much my heart ached after my brother Enver Pasha died, the occupation of Azerbaijan further wounded my soul. Turkism in Azerbaijan is eternal, and I am ready to give my life so that Azerbaijan doesn’t stay away from the Turks'," said Ayrim.

"Azerbaijan, being an independent state, is confidently moving forward. Today, just like 102 years ago, when Baku was liberated from occupation, we are with Azerbaijan with the same enthusiasm and faith. Turkey is always next to Azerbaijan, just like Azerbaijan is next to Turkey. Amid the provocations by the Armenians in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district and the games against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, the brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey became even stronger. Long live Azerbaijan, long live Turkey!," Ayrim noted.

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