Kocharyan: I have always believed that Armenia can be the most organized country in region

News.am, Armenia
Aug 27 2020

17:26, 27.08.2020

The state plays an important role in solving the problem of demography, the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan told a group of economic reporters.

"We need to see if there is a similar experience in the world. Look at the population of Israel, at the time of creation and now," he said. "The question is that we need to set a goal and develop a program to achieve it."

According to him, effective management, correct decisions, and internal organization are needed.

"I have always believed that we can be the most organized country in the region. We need a national project, where you can contribute a lot and achieve the goal," the ex-president said.

“If the world has such an experience, then why are we worse? If you are notorious and do not believe in your strength, then there is nothing to do," Kocharyan added. "Internal cohesion is also very important. But in the current situation I can't believe that it is possible to achieve something."

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