Gagik Tsarukyan`s Charitable Foundation donated 100 million drams to families of compatriots killed in Beirut blast

Arminfo, Armenia
Aug 6 2020

ArmInfo.  Gagik Tsarukyan's  Charitable Foundation donated 100 million drams to the families of  compatriots killed in the result of the bombings in Beirut. Press  secretary of Gagik Tsarukyan Iveta Tonoyan said this.

According to her, 50 million drams will be directed to provide  targeted assistance to the families of the killed Armenians, and 50  million drams – to restore Armenian Church of St. Gevorg in Beirut,  damaged in an explosion on 4 August.

To note, according to the Congregation of the Catholicosate of the  Great House of Cilicia, Vicar of the Kuwait Armenian Diocese,  Archimandrite Petros Manvelyan, as a result of the explosion in  Beirut, 11 Armenians were killed, several hundred representatives of  the Armenian community were injured or gone missing.

According to the Lebanese authorities, the explosion in the port of  Beirut on August 4 in the evening was caused by the detonation of 2.7  thousand tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse, which had  been confiscated by customs services in 2015. Mourning has been  declared in the country. In the city, recognized as a disaster zone,  a state of emergency was introduced for two weeks. According to the  latest data, the number of victims of the explosion exceeded 150  people, more than 4 thousand were injured, dozens of people were  missing.

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