Asbarez: Armenia’s Troops Placed on ‘High Alert’ (Video)

July 31,  2020

An Armenia soldier during testing of Made in Armenia military equipment

Made in Armenia Military Equipment Tested and Demonstrated

Armenia’s Defense Ministry on Friday announced that Armenia’s Armed Forces troops in the frontline and other areas have been placed on high alerts as part of a “spot check” of their combat readiness.

This inspection was ordered by the Army’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Onik Gasparyan who will assess the troops’ ability to act quickly in certain situations, clarify the issues of cooperation between the various levels of military staff and conduct drill enacting operative-tactical scenarios.

This inspection comes as joint Turkey-Azerbaijan military exercises are taking place for a third day in various parts of Azerbaijan.

Earlier this week, Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan said that Yerevan will be closely monitoring the exercises and warned of escalation of military aggression on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

In a related matter, Armenia’s High-Tech Industry Minister Hakob Arsahakyan said on Friday that the production of military hardware by the country’s military industrial complex has been showing good results.

Arshakyan shared photos of Armenian-made mortars and shells, some of them being tested, and said that the results of trials have been satisfactory.

Arshakyan’s ministry also release footage of combat unmanned aerial vehicles—drones— produced and manufactured in Armenia. The said drones were put into operation during fighting with Azerbaijan on July 13.

“July 13 will be remembered in history as the day, when the combat UAVs produced in Armenia were put into operation,” Defense Ministry official Artsrun Hovhannisyan said at the time. “For the first time, Armenian combat UAVs were used in combat and demonstrated excellent results.”

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