Former NSS chief elected chairman of Homeland party

Panorama, Armenia

Politics 18:15 30/05/2020Armenia

The founding session of Homeland (Hayrenik) party took place on Saturday in Yerevan. The agenda of the session included the election of the party chairman, board members as well as the revision of the party charter and program. As Homeland press service reported, Artur Vanetsyan, the former chief of National Security Service (NSS) was unanimously elected as the Chairman of the new party.

The delegates also approved the board comprising of nine members. It is noted the Homeland will position itself as center-right party.
Following the procedural voting, Vanetsyan delivered remarks, outlining the goals of the newly established political party.

“All of us and the majority of all Armenians had great hopes and were inspired to accept the velvet revolution. Not only we accepted it but most of us contributed through their experience, capabilities, efforts and enthusiasm to turn the goals of the revolution into reality,” Vanetsyan stated, adding the main factor for him to enter into active politics is the sense of responsibility. “I see major risks, complex issues and dangerous mistakes our country faces every day, as I predicted. Regretfully, all my predictions came into reality. I do insist that hard work is ahead of us to prevent negative developments. That was the reason I decided to enter into real politics,” said Vanetsyan.

Vanetsyan next outlined the principles and approaches the new party will adopt in acting in the political field of Armenia. “We offer a program and work style that should rest on basics such as:
Responsibility against infantilism
Sincerity against lies and manipulation
Discipline against anarchy
Unity against cleavage
System agains chaos
Stability against uncertainty
Pragmatism agains populism.

Our people need leaders who will feel, act and declare themselves as the leaders of the whole nation regardless of their personal preferences. We need leaders who will not play on people’s current emotions but unite all around solutions of real problems for the sake of decent and better living. We need leaders who will refuse fake and false agendas, work styles and tools. We need leadership that will switch from the regime of “internet live” to the one of overcoming the real challenges of life,” Vanetsyan stated.

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