Rep. Frank Pallone remembers Armenian Genocide, calls for recognition of Artsakh

Public Radio of Armenia

Rep. Frank Pallone has honored the victims and survivor of the Armenian Genocide on the 105th anniversary.

“On its 105th Anniversary, we honor the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide and acknowledge the resolve of the Armenian people. Recognition of the Genocide is a powerful reminder that we must not turn away when we know crimes against humanity have been perpetrated,” he said.

“I proudly joined my colleagues in Congress to officially recognize the Genocide last fall. In doing this, we were paying tribute to the victims of that horrific chapter of history, honoring the perseverance of those who survived, and embracing the Americans of Armenian descent,” the Congressman said.

Rep. Pallone also hailed the democratic elections in Artsakh and called for US recognition of the Artsakh Republic.

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