Parliamentary Committee investigating events of April war had satisfied Serzh Sargsyan`s request

Arminfo, Armenia
April 9 2020

ArmInfo.The Parliamentary Committee to Investigate the Events of the April War of 2016 had satisfied third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan's request. The office of  the Third President of Armenia reported this.

According to the source, in yesterday's letter it was not clear of  the parliamentary committee's decision- would they provide the third  president of Armenia a copy of the video recording of his upcoming  testimony. <In particular, the letter noted that <the provision of  video recordings can be satisfied only in accordance with the  requirements of the law <On state and official secrets and as a  result of following established procedures>. Thus, we did not receive  an answer to our question.

In today's letter it is noted that without preconditions, Serzh  Sargsyan's request on being allowed to have a copy of the video  recording of his upcoming testimony at a parliamentary committee  hearing investigating the 2016 April War circumstances has been  granted. Considering that the committee satisfied the request that  was put forward by Sargsyan, the third president of Armenia confirms  his decision, presented in the response of the commettees's office  dated April 7 of the current year>, the statement emphasizes.

It should be noted that the third president of Armenia said that if  his request is satisfied, he is ready to take part in the meeting of  the parliamentary committee to investigate the events of the April  war on April 16.  To recall, the parliamentary committee to  investigate the circumstances of the April war in Karabakh was  created in 2019. The Committee included representatives of all  factions of the National Assembly. The purpose of her work is to  identify possible errors, shortcomings or inaction on the part of the  then authorities during the aforementioned period of aggravation of  the situation at the border, which led to the death of more than 100  Armenian servicemen.

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