Dynastic Baku cannot reconcile itself to democratic processes in self-determined Karabakh

Arminfo, Armenia
April 2 2020

ArmInfo. Baku not left unanswered, the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Armenia on democratic elections in Artsakh, emphasizing once again  that they reject these electoral processes as such.

So, head of the press service department of the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Leyla Abdullayeva, having not  found any more convincing arguments that these elections allegedly  could not be recognized, again used the traditional policy about the  alleged and the , unwittingly reminding the famous Russian proverb " If  your face is crooked, don't blame this mirror, " (a bad workman  always blames his tools, Ed. note), characteristic of the behavior of  the current authorities of Azerbaijan.

At the same time, she assured that the elections in Artsakh were  resolutely "condemned and rejected" by the international community,  apparently implying that a number of states spoke out that they did  not recognize these elections, which is quite logical, given the  status of non-recognition of Artsakh by the international community.  Meanwhile, there was no condemnation of the fact of conducting these  processes.  Apparently, the presence of a democratic republic near  the dictatorial regime of Baku cannot suit the latter.  The latest  scandalous elections in Azerbaijan, accompanied by a new wave of  landings and beatings of the political opposition against the  backdrop of civilized Karabakh electoral processes, is  incomprehensible for the apologists of the Azerbaijan's dynastic  model of totalitarian state.

Apparently this is precisely why Abdulayeva's statement makes a  stupid and illogical conclusion that "by the way, the fact of a  separate statement by the Armenian Foreign Ministry on the" elective  "show in Nagorno-Karabakh once again proves the absence of the need  for the participation of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh in the  negotiations>. Although it is the presence of true democracy in the  NKR as a state unit (it does not matter whether it is recognized or  not) that can adequately represent society as a party to the  negotiation process.

The old tall tales of official Baku, like mothballs, stating that  "elections in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic are held in  accordance with the Constitution of the country, and any act  organized in violation of this Supreme Law is not legitimate and  cannot be such> in the mouth of the same Abdulayeva can be seen as a  useless political vestigial.

Baku again has to be reminded that the modern Republic of Azerbaijan  declared independence precisely in its current territorial framework,  and there could be no talk of Karabakh in its composition, since even  then the Nagorno-Karabakh autonomy had withdrawn from the Azerbaijan  SSR in accordance with the Constitution of the USSR.

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