Armenia Parliament Deputy Speaker: Mass media are worrying too much, Armenia

21:38, 23.03.2020

After the session of the Civil Contract Party, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Alen Simonyan told reporters that the session was devoted to the coronavirus and the restrictions on news released by mass media outlets.

Alen Simonyan informed that the Commandant’s Office is working on preventing the coronavirus and is considering various possible scenarios.

Touching upon the complaints of mass media outlets about the restrictions on news releases, Simonyan informed that this issue was also considered during the session. “Today, the authorities are so open that there is no doubt about it, and it’s inappropriate to talk about restrictions. The censure only concerns the coronavirus. I think the mass media are a little too concerned. I can say that Armenia is currently among the countries that are the most open in terms of information,” he said.