Towards a Digitized Citizen-oriented Armenian Cadastre

GIM International
 - 11/03/2020
Armenia is moving towards a more transparent, secure, unified and citizen-oriented cadastral system. To achieve this, digitizing cadastral archives is essential. Digital availability of cadastral information will enable better management of lands, documented rights and tenure security for all Armenians. The Cadastre Committee has requested Kadaster, The Netherlands' Land Registry and Mapping Agency, for support.
In Armenia there is currently no unified approach to archive cadastral and land registry records. The integrated cadastre on real estate has little ability to support management and assessment of lands and real estate, and the registration of the natural, economic and legal status of those lands. The Cadastre Committee (CC) plans to reform by introducing an advanced self-service and paperless system, based on electronic registration and information processes. This digital system will be one of the pillars of the new real estate cadastre.
Digitization will have a positive influence on the functioning of the Armenian Government and the private sector. Databases for e-Governance will serve as a foundation for a modern and broader service provision of the Government of Armenia, which in turn will have a positive effect on corruption reduction and Government accountability.
Dutch support
CC has asked the Netherlands, and specifically Kadaster, for support with the digitization of its archives. The project is supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). In October 2019, Kadaster and CC experts exchanged experiences during a TAIEX expert mission in Yerevan. The interactive meetings gave valuable insights in the current situation and also demonstrated the strong ambition and willingness of CC staff to digitise the complete archives.
In the coming years, Kadaster will support CC with the digitization strategy and implementation. The project starts with detailed assessment of both the existing archives and related documents, as well as the systems and processes used to manage them. Also the experts of CC will have the opportunity to visit the Netherlands.
Source: Abroad (Kadaster International), edition March 2020, author: Paula Dijkstra.

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