Armenian citizens returning from Italy to be sent into self-isolation

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Italy declared a state-wide quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus, and all Armenian citizens are returning home under doctor supervision

Armenian citizens are returning home to the country from Italy since the latter declared a country-wide quarantine.

A flight bringing Armenian citizens from Milan landed in the afternoon on March 10, and another flight is expected to arrive from Rome in the evening.

Examinations of all passengers on flights landing at the Zvartnots airport in Yerevan have been conducted upon arrival since news of the coronavirus first broke out.

As for the Armenian citizens arriving from Italy, all of them will be examined at the airport and then sent to home to remain in self-isolation.

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The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement appealing to Armenian citizens:

“We urge the citizens of Armenia to refrain from visiting Italy, and for those now in Italy to immediately end their travels and return to Armenia.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs press secretary Anna Naghdalyan says 200 citizens in Italy are maintaining regular contact with the Armenian Embassy, and so far none of them report any health problems.

Special security measures have been taken at the Zvartnots airport. Everything is being done to prevent contact between those arriving from Milan and Rome and passengers of other flights.

In Armenia, the first, and so far only case of infection was discovered on March 1. The infected individual entered the country from Iran. The border between Armenia and Iran has been closed since February 23. The 29-year-old Armenian citizen arrived on one of the special flights allowing citizens of Armenia and Iran to return to their homeland.

All people who had contact with him are isolated and feel fine, as does the infected person. He is not receiving treatment, as he has no fever and no symptoms of the disease.

The situation in the country as a whole is calm. There is no sense of panic.