Newspaper: Who is most interested party in Armenia judicial changes?, Armenia
March 4 2020

10:14, 04.03.2020

YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: The package of bills on judicial amendments has been put for debates in the NA [National Assembly]. It should be noted that it is quite extensive and concerns steps to eliminate corruption in the judicial system. With these drafts, changes are expected in the committees following the discipline and integrity of the [country’s] judges.

The major innovation is that, in addition to court representatives, reputable lawyer scholars appointed by the public sector will also be on those committees.

According to Past newspaper’s information, by achieving prior consent of the authorities on this matter, the Soros office representatives, representatives of the NGOs that received various grants from that office, including those persons who once represented this sector but are now within the current power, have worked in the most interested way.

It was they who invited from abroad transitional justice and vetting specialists as experts so that the latter can present in detail to the Armenian partners the nuances of making changes.