Armenia Justice Minister responds to MPs criticizing amendments to Judicial Code, Armenia
March 4 2020

15:45, 04.03.2020

In his closing speech during a discussion on the draft law on making amendments to the Constitutional Law “Judicial Code” and the attached draft laws in parliament today, Minister of Justice of Armenia Rustam Badasyan stated that the draft laws will provide the opportunity to fight against corruption in the judiciary effectively and not undermine the independence of the judiciary at the same time.

Touching upon the observation of head of Bright Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan and the faction’s MP Taron Simonyan that this draft law will lead to the creation of a judiciary dependent on the government, the minister asked the MPs to state which body the judiciary will be dependent on when judges comprise the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, the Supreme Judicial Council and other bodies.

Badasyan addressed the opposition MPs and independent MP Arman Babajanyan and stated the following: “During the first-second readings, bring a version that will solve the problems facing the judiciary better, and the ruling party will definitely accept it, but under the condition that it doesn’t contradict the Constitution,” Badasyan said.

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