Turkish host tells foreign nationals, including Armenians, to get out of Turkey

Panorama, Armenia
March 4 2020
Politics 14:52 04/03/2020Region

The host of one of the local television stations in Turkey’s Urfa Province has made xenophobic statements.

Trying to justify the Turkish military operations in Syria’s Idlib, he called on foreign nationals living in Turkey, including Armenians, to get out of the the country, Ermenihaber reported.

“There may be people who think that this country is not their homeland and they don’t belong to this nation. This is a wonderful opportunity for them. As long as the borders are open to refugees, you, too, can disguise as refugees and leave the country,” he said.

“You can say: I am not the son of this country, I am a Russian grandson, a son of a German, a grandson of an Englishman, an Armenian… If so, the borders are open, get out of here, go!” he said.

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