Activist Narek Samsonyan summoned to Special Investigative Service as accused

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 15 2020

Chairman of the Civil Consciousness NGO, activist Narek Samsonyan has been summoned to the Special Investigative Service (SIS) for questioning as an accused.

Speaking to reporters before entering the SIS building on Saturday, Samsonyan said he was not aware of what he was accused of.

“Most likely, my status will enable me to say in person why I have been summoned to the SIS, otherwise my lawyers will make statements. I am hence involved as a defendant,” Samsonyan said, stating the “political persecution” against him has been ordered by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan himself.

In the activist’s works, the process is aimed at obstructing the work of media outlet in an “obvious encroachment” on the freedom of speech.

“They want to show that whoever will disclose the lavish spendings of Pashinyan's family, that person will face a similar persecution,” he said.

Samsonyan believes the move is also aimed at isolating him during the campaign for the constitutional referendum set for April 5.

He assures that "none of the scenarios drawn up by the authorities will work."

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