Music: The Iranian Armenian is the first to receive a star on the Walk of Fame

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Jan 18 2020
By James Mumaw

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – “Stand by me” in Farsi, with Bon Jovi?

This is just one of many creative collaborations in which Andy Madadian was able to share his culture with an American audience. Known for peace and determination, he is the first Iranian-Armenian American to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“I came to America when there was a revolution in Iran. I came here to become an American rock star. And fate brought millions of Iranians and Armenians to this beautiful country called America, and I had the opportunity to record in Armenian and Iranian. And thank God they were hits and I became an Iranian Armenian singer, ”he said.

Madadian’s energetic music sparked a collaboration with Latoya Jackson, where the artist sang in Persian in her hit “Tehran”. But Tehran itself didn’t exactly greet Madadian.

The religious regime found its content too liberal and prohibited sales in Iran.

“My music was banned in Iran, so the source of income and the source of the royalties were never there. We basically made music for love. And we never had financial support from Iran, the main source of our fans base,” said Madadian.

“But hey, I’m not complaining, I’ve always had music. I had a great family, a great life in America, so life was fantastic, it was difficult, but I’m here and I think this is just the beginning . “

The beginning of a new era. Madadian releases new English music, especially a new song called “The Good Fight”.

His hope is to continue to share a spirit of peace and unity through his art.

“I think all of these war talks are nonsense. The people of Iran and America love each other. Governments should ease off and hopefully nothing drastic will happen,” said Madadian. “My greatest wish is that Iran and America be friends so that we can all come and go and live in both countries.”

To this day, Madadian and the many Persians who live in LA continue to worry about their loved ones who are still in Iran.

“I have many, many good friends I grew up with. They are in Iran. And we are always worried about them. And we always pray that someday the situation will be peaceful for people, and hopefully, Iran and America will live in peace, “he said. “Because both cultures value each other and we should put our differences aside and continue with life.”

His Hollywood Walk of Fame star, who uses the power of music to keep his communities both joyful and connected, is just a step forward in a peaceful direction.

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