Armenia Wine’s 2019 achievements and 2020 priorities



YEREVAN, JANUARY 15, ARMENPRESS. The Armenia Wine Company, which started in 2006, has become a symbol of modern Armenian winemaking thanks to its award-winning wines, exemplary vineyards and state-of-the-art technologies. Summing up the exciting results achieved in 2019, the company is embarking on a new investment project in 2020.

21st Century Vineyards and Organic Viticulture

Armenia Wine Company began cultivating organic viticulture in 2017, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection, as well as honesty towards consumers and employees.

As part of a plan to expand its own vineyards, in 2019 the company planted another 14 hectares of organic vineyards in the village of Sasunik in Aragatsotn marz (province), thus bringing the overall area of its vineyards to 74 hectares.

Armenia Wine products are made from Armenian and European grape varieties purchased from four regions of the country. In 2019, two more varieties were added to the 15 varieties already cultivated - organic Siran and Petit Verdaux. In 2019, the company procured more than 7,000 metric tons of grapes from some 600 suppliers. 

Wins and partners in the international market

The best presentation of Armenian wines in the international market has been one of Armenia Wine's most important missions since the very first day of its establishment. It cooperates with companies in more than 26 countries showcasing the delicate aroma of Armenian terroir in the Russian, Belarusian, Czech, American, Canadian, French and other markets.

Being one of the largest wine exporters, in 2019 the company obtained six new partners and increased total export volumes by 25%. Last year, the company participated in 5 international exhibitions, winning 27 medals for its high-quality wines – 5 gold, 6 silver and 16 bronze. 

Achievements in the local market

Since its inception 11 years ago, Armenia Wine has become one of the most recognized and beloved wine brands  in Armenia. In 2019, the company's products were on sale in over 7,000 sales and service centers across Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, with sales volume surging by over 35%.

Wine tourism center

In 2019 the winery hosted more than 7,000 tourists from 15 countries, positioning itself as one of the wine tourism centers in Armenia.

Visitors to the winery were not only shown the products of Armenia Wine, but also were told the history and culture of Armenian winemaking and the art of wine tasting.  The Hazarashen wine store in the winery offers visitors  Armenia Wine products at factory prices.

The year of 2019 was also marked for the company by the reopening of the Nazani national restaurant, along with interesting approaches in  the tasting and  professional halls.

Throughout the past year, the company organized a number of educational programs in the field of wine-making, designed to train local specialists.

Upcoming programs

Armenia Wine, as the first winery to have introduced innovative and modern technologies is now entering a new phase of development.

Promoting the development of organic agriculture in Armenia, the company introduces modern agricultural technologies and cultural formats that are used today in the most developed countries. In 2020, the winery will expand the process of planting new vineyards, paying particular attention to the Armenian and European varieties already under cultivation by adding Armenian native varieties.

Continuing its specialized education programs and the exchange of practical knowledge with the involvement of the best international experts, in 2020 Armenia Wine will continue cooperation with rural economies to obtain high quality grapes.

The company will also continue to invest in gastrotourism. A unique wine museum will be created, where visitors from Armenia and abroad will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the 6,000 year-old history of Armenian wines. 

In 2020, Armenia Wine will unveil a new and unique product, Port wine, and will present to the local and international markets a brand new French-style manufactured Armenian cognac with the flavor of Armenian terroir.

The company takes pride in announcing its success in the world markets. Armenia Wine's products have their worthy place among the highest quality wines with the most demanding buyers in the world.

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