Action film-like murder occurs in Armenia village, Armenia
Nov 2 2019
Action film-like murder occurs in Armenia village (PHOTOS) Action film-like murder occurs in Armenia village (PHOTOS)

16:16, 02.11.2019

A murder reminiscent of action films took place today in Gegharkunik Province of Armenia.

Around 9:15am, police received a call from Gavar town hospital that two persons were brought there with gunshot wounds, and one of whom had died without regaining consciousness.

According to, police and investigators found out that the deceased was 40-year-old Gagik Hakobyan, a resident of Noratus village, and the injured was his fellow villager, 56-year-old Arevshat Ghazaryan.

Police also found out that these men had sustained these gunshot wounds at the Noratus village section of the Yerevan-Sevan-Martuni highway.

Investigators at the scene have found a vehicle with multiple traces of shooting. Five automatic weapon bullet shells were also found there.

According to preliminary information, more than 20 shots were fired at the scene.

A criminal case has been initiated.

Those assembled at the scene said that a few years ago, the man who was killed had fired shots near the court of general jurisdiction of the Gegharkunik Province toward the people who there to attend the hearing of the case on the murder of the son of former Gegharkunik governor Hakobyan, when he was informed that his father had been beaten there. 

Those gathered also said that today's shooting may be revenge.

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Emil Lazarian

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