300 artworks in 3 years: Individual exhibition of violinist-turned-artist to open in Yerevan

Panorama, Armenia
Sept 5 2019

Avetik Isahakyan Museum-House in Yerevan will host on September 12 a unique exhibition of artwork by violinist, painter Manan Garukyan that will be accompanied by a concert where she will also play on violin. The 44-year-old worked in different orchestras and camera chambers, the founder of “Quintet” and “Orange Retro” bands started painting at the age of 44 after the death of her father, famous painter Henrikh Garukyan.

“My father used to tell I had a vivid imagination, created a mood and always encouraged me to paint. I chose to become a violinist and my profession was an important part of my life. The death of my father was a major blow to me. In his final days, while unable to stand, he continued painting on plates. In those days he didn’t ask us to leave the room when he was working and I had the chance to follow the process how his artwork was created,” garukyan recalled in an interview with Panorama.am, adding: “He left several glass plates and acrylic paints. After days from his death, I took the first plate and started painting. I dedicated it to the his memory and called “A look from above.” The plate depicts my father and mother in the form of birds,” Manan told Panorama.am, sharing the story of her first painting.

In Manan’s words, her father was her teacher. “Henrikh was the one who taught me. I followed him painting and even fixed the movements of the whist, the technique, the strokes and other secrets of painting. Not to mention that I lived my whole life in the house that also served a workshop for Henrikh Garukyan,” explained the painter.

“I never tried to paint yet the atmosphere, the process how small paintings and canvases were created served as lesson. The rest is explained by genetics. I am happy to be his daughter,” the violinist said.

Manan Garukyan has painted some 300 works over three years mostly on glass plates but also on brand decors, accessories, ceramic set, leather works. While Garukyan presents her artwork, there are also buyers from abroad and even permanent purchasers.

Manan has no plans to leave the stage and quit violin. Quite the opposite, she works to implement the project named “ From Gregory of Narek to Bach” – a music exhibition she plans to tour with around the world

The upcoming concert on September 12 will feature special guests Violinist Kristine Chtchyan violinist and Soprano Maria Alaverdyan. Works by Komitas, A. Khachatryan, Aznavour, Babajanyan will be performed during the event.

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