New kindergarten in Armenian border village opens its doors

Panorama, Armenia
Sept 2 2019

A newly-built kindergarten in the border village of Baghanis in Armenia’s Tavush Province opened its doors to children on Monday.

Speaking to a correspondent, Baghanis Mayor Narek Sahakyan said the kindergarten has been constructed in a safe area far from the border with Azerbaijan.

“And from now on, the children of Baghanis will attend a safe and comfortable kindergarten,” he said, adding that the new building is located along a riverbank and has a heating system, an outdoor playground and a summer theater.

The construction of the kindergarten was made possible due to US-based Paros Foundation. The construction works started in September 2018 and completed in June this year.

The mayor says the kindergarten was inaugurated in June but didn’t function during the holidays.

Narek Sahakyan says Baghanis had no kindergarten from 1991 to 2013. Following the constant Azerbaijani shelling, the building of the Soviet-era kindergarten was severely damaged and left in a precarious condition. In 2013 a first-floor room of the municipality building was renovated to serve as a kindergarten for six years.  

Photos from Narek Sahakyan's Facebook page

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