Sanitek International LLC and Armenian branch of Sanitek LLC owe Armenia about 600 million drams

Arminfo, Armenia
Aug 13 2019
Naira Badalian

ArmInfo. According to preliminary  estimates of the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of Armenia, Sanitek  International LLC and the Armenian branch of Sanitek LLC owed the  state about 600 million drams. SRC Deputy Chairman Edward  Hovhannisyan stated this on August 13 at a press conference.

In particular, according to Hovhannisyan, in January-September 2018,  Sanitek International LLC did not pay taxes to the state budget in  the amount of 299.918.392 drams (VAT), and the unpaid taxes of the  Armenian branch of Sanitek LLC amounted to 280.429.121 drams.

As the deputy head of the tax and customs committee showed, it turned  out that the company, which, according to its type of activity, was a  payer of value added tax (VAT), for some reason, presented the  transport of waste as a cargo transportation activity. Meanwhile,  according to Hovhannisyan, sanitations of territories or snow removal  are subject to VAT. "We believe that transport of waste should not be  considered as cargo transportation. In addition, the activities of  the transport of waste company do not meet the criteria for cargo  transportation," he said. At the same time, as the deputy chairman  pointed out, the company is also in arrears regarding environmental  tax payments.

According to the deputy head of the Committee, at this stage, Sanitek  International LLC and Yerevan branch of Sanitek LLC appointed complex  tax audits.  Earlier, ArmInfo reported that the Investigative  Department of the State Revenue Committee is continuing to  investigate a criminal case against Sanitek on the fact of tax  evasion on an especially large scale.  According to the press service  of the SRC, the case, according to the second part of the 205th  article of the RA Criminal Code, was initiated on February 22, 2019.  According to the source, there are no persons passing as defendants  in the framework of this criminal case.

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