Yerevan residents will have to endure garbage stench until September: Municipality and Sanitek continue to shift responsibility to each other

Arminfo, Armenia
Aug 9 2019
Asya Balayan

ArmInfo. Immediate resolution of the  situation in connection with garbage collection is not a priority for  the city authorities. This is stated in a statement issued on August  9 by the Sanitek.


, the company  said, adding that instead of the Municipality, Sanitek's garbage  containers were illegally removed and payments were not made,  resulting in a situation control.

In addition, Sanitek hopes that in connection with the decision of  the government on August 8 to appoint the Ministry of Territorial  Administration and Infrastructure as the authorized body in the field  of organizing garbage collection and sanitary cleaning in the  settlements of the republic, it will help to resolve the situation.   Meanwhile, a meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan on the issue  of garbage collection was held today in the Municipality.  It should  be noted that the problem of garbage collection has been acute in  Yerevan since last summer.  Yerevan Municipality and Sanitek cannot  agree on the proper organization of waste collection, while the  citizens are forced to endure, to put it mildly, the unpleasant  consequences of this problem. 

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