Armenia is aging: UN experts on the country’s demographic problems by 2050

JAM News

On the bright side, one of the factors is improved living standards

By 2050, the population of Armenia will have aged considerably, Anna Hovhannisyan, coordinator of the programme “Population and Development” of the Armenian UN Population Fund, said at a press conference yesterday on July 11. 

Hovhannisyan says this is largely due to migration, but also the growth in the quality of medical care is of great importance, thanks to which, life expectancy in Armenia will be longer.

“By 2050, the number of Armenian residents over 65 will double and make up 22 percent of the republic’s population. The number of people over 80 will also grow significantly,” said Hovhannisyan.

Hovhannisyan says that many developed countries face similar challenges, where people are living longer and giving birth to fewer children.