Sports: U19 EURO: Armenia’s young players ready to show what they can do

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U19 EURO: Armenia’s young players ready to show what they can do
Yerevan will host the UEFA U19 European Championship on July 14-26, and Armenian team has spared no efforts to get ready for the competition.
Armenia is in Group A along with Portugal, Italy and Spain.
The young players have talked to the press after the training and shared their expectations.
Arsen Yeghiazaryan (defender, captain)
The atmosphere in the team is very positive. We hold 2 training sessions a day, because we want to play well and make the fans happy.
Our competitors are really strong. Top European teams have arrived in Yerevan, but it doesn’t matter to us. If we get into the right mental state and believe in ourselves, I’m certain we’ll have good results.
We made some errors in the friendlies, but we have improved the defense since. We make almost no mistakes now, but we still need to do better, because strong teams can use even one mistake against you.
Yuri Oganesyan (defender)
The most important thing is to play well and show Europe what we can do. Others need to see Armenia is not weak, as they think. We are united and we play as a team, which is very helpful.
I am new here, I’ve been in the squad for just 2 months, but everyone has been very nice to me.
Erik Azizyan (midfielder)
The team is ready for the championship. We train well, and we’ve showed our progress in the friendlies. We defend better now, and with more confidence.
Victory is the best result for us. That is why we compete, and we play for no other result.
Playing abroad has given me more experience, and it was very helpful.
Grenik Petrosyan (forward)
I think we are 100% ready for the U19 EURO. There are many favorites, all of them strong, Spain and Portugal the chief ones, I believe. Anyway, we have to play well and compete properly.

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