‘Constitutional provisions also contain philosophy, value system’ – President Sarkissian’s message

‘Constitutional provisions also contain philosophy, value system’ – President Sarkissian’s message



11:00, 5 July, 2019

YEREVAN, JULY 5, ARMENPRESS. President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian addressed a congratulatory message on the Constitution Day on July 5, the Presidential Office told Armenpress.

The message runs as follows:

““The Armenian people — taking as a basis the fundamental principles of the Armenian Statehood and the nation-wide objectives enshrined in the Declaration on the Independence of Armenia, having fulfilled the sacred behest of its freedom-loving ancestors for the restoration of the sovereign state, committed to the strengthening and prosperity of the fatherland, with a view of ensuring the freedom of generations, general well-being and civic solidarity, assuring the allegiance to universal values — hereby adopt the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia”.

The Armenian people enshrined this belief in the preface of the Constitutional adopted through the July 5, 1995 referendum. By then, the Constitution of Armenia underwent radical changes for two times, staying committed to this belief.

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate all of us on this important state holiday – the Constitution Day. Today we also celebrate the Day of State Symbols. The Constitution, together with the state flag, emblem and anthem, is making the essence of statehood as a whole. Constitution is the Mother Law of the Republic, the main legal guarantor of protection of rights and freedoms of each of us. The strengthening of a constitutional culture is a key precondition for the formation and development of democracy, rule of law and social state system.

Our vision on state is determined by Article 1 of the Constitution – “declaring the Republic of Armenia as a democratic, legal and social state”. This unchangeable provision, in reality, is not purely declarative. It is enshrined as a key principle, value, goal, ideal legal and public standard to which both the state bodies and each citizen of Armenia should always seek through constant improvement, daily work and behavior.

In general, in line with the legal content, there is a philosophy, value system in the constitutional provisions. The respect to the Mother Law is a respect not only to our state and statehood, but our past, present and future, us and our generations, and our vision on state.

We all are equal before the Constitution. We all are bearers of statehood, are its part and thus the keepers of the Constitution with our actions, behavior and thinking.

Moreover, not only and not so much the formal formation of constitutional provisions is important, but also the formation of a constitutional culture, constitutional thinking, the honest and logical interpretation and use of the Constitution are a priority. Even the Constitution which contains the most perfect formulations will turn into a document with no value if it is unfairly interpreted or used.

Constitution is also a legal document living and developing under the conditions of the challenges and imperatives of the time. Any change, improvement or evolutionary interpretation of the Constitution should be based on the principle of the rule of law and derive from the general principles of law, by contributing to our state’s quick, calm, normal, stable and constant development.

At all times, the Constitution should remain as a uniting point for our society, people and citizens.

Only the country that completely lives with the Constitution, the state which has a power and society respecting the Constitution, can develop and have a steady place in the world that lives in complex conditions and changes.

Once again congratulations to all of us on today’s holiday! I wish you peace, welfare and optimism!”

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan

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