A1+: Artist hindered to hold symposium (video)

July 4, 2019
Each summer "Munetik" NGO carries out a symposium in the woods near the village of Lusagyugh devoted to ceramics. However, Hrachya Hambardzumyan, chairman of the "Munetik" NGO, told A1+ that this year someone tried to stop them to hold this symposium.
"Every year, we sign a contract with Hayantar SNCO to hold symposiums there, but this year it turned out that it was rented out. With our active intervention, it turned out that for 16 years our local staff, especially the guard of the forest, hindered us. Certainly, there are people sponsored there. This area belongs to Aghvan Aramyan, but in reality it turned out that it is not in their territory at all, and it is prohibited by law to provide that territory to anyone. The essence of the problem became evident, and we tried to solve the problem, they promised to give a permission, but it also has become an issue. We have already applied to MP Hrachya Hakobyan, a member of the Culture Committee," said Hrachya Hambardzumyan.
The MP promised to solve the problem by cooperating with the artist and his group.
The artist hopes that this problem will be solved. From July 5, they start this year's new program where a number of foreign and local participants will be invited.
Details are available in the video.

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