Arthur Vanetsyan: During his presidency, Robert Kocharyan made a lot of positive

Arminfo, Armenia
Feb 21 2019
Naira Badalian

ArmInfo.Director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan assures that he has no personal problems with the family of the second President of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharyan. Vanetsyan stated this on February 21 to journalists.

 "I ask you not to concentrate on the Kocharyan family, since I have  no personal problems with it. I personally did not do anything to  cause any problems with this family. Robert Kocharyan was the second  president of Armenia, during his activities, of course, there were  also many positive results, I was the President of Artsakh, and I, as  an officer, as an officer of the National Security Service, who  served during his presidency, cannot have any personal and other  problems with this family, " Vanetsyan said. According to him, the  initiated criminal cases are the result of voluminous operational and  investigative work, the circumstances have been revealed, the  synthesis of which led to the fact that there is a corpus delicti and  a criminal case has been initiated. "Please do not personify the  issue, since there is no personal vendetta.  Only one case connected  with Kocharyan is being investigated in the National Security  Service," he stressed.  

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