Pashinyan to Bright Armenia: What are you doing here if revolution has not taken place?

Aysor, Armenia
Feb 14 2019

Our government is symbol of trust, Armenia’s PM Nikol Pashinyan said at the concluding speech in the NA today, referring to the criticism of the opposition that citizens must believe in themselves.

“We consider our mission to help citizens believe in themselves, overcome the misery, leave despair behind, while they say you are putting responsibility on the people,” he said.

Referring to the criticism that “poverty is in their heads” Pashinyan said that he says it as a person who did it himself.

Pashinyan also applied to the head of the Bright Armenia faction calling on him to never compare him with the previous leaders.

“You were telling the same in 2018.  Serzh Sargsyan has nothing to do here, we are not fighting against personalities, let us go and take posts of deputy ministers and build from inside,” he said.

As to some comments that what happened is not a revolution, Pashinyan said, “Look in front of you and your sides, if revolution has not happened what are you doing here with 18 MPs. Of course, for you revolution has not taken place.”

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