Feast of Saint Sarkis celebrated in Yerevan

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 16 2019

Celebrations on the Feast of Saint Sarkis the Captain started at St. Sarkis Church in capital Yerevan today. Divine Liturgy was offered in the church, a special ceremony of blessing of young people for St. Sarkis the Captain and his 14 soldiers-companions who were martyred for the sake of Christian faith.

Following the Liturgy, the members of the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, students of military and police academies marched through Mashtots and Baghramyan avenues. The participants gathered in the Park of Lovers where a festive concert is planned.

In Armenia it is accepted to celebrate the Feast of St. Sarkis not only according to church rites and prayer, but also according to various folk traditions. St. Sarkis the Captain is considered the patron of youth. Many miracles happen thanks to his intercession. On the day of the feast, young people pray the saint asking him to make their prayers audible to God. St. Sarkis is the realizer of the love longings.

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