Expert: Soros foundation provided Armenian NGOs with about $ 3 million in 2018

Arminfo, Armenia
Feb 13 2019
Tatevik Shahunyan

ArmInfo. Soros and similar foundations have the goal of shaping a political agenda in Armenia in both domestic and foreign policy of the country. Expert of the "Voice  of the People"public club Tsovinar Kostanyan said this at a press  conference.

She provided detailed information on the financial support of the  2018 Soros foundation to Armenian NGOs. In particular, it was  mentioned that, for example, on December 26, 2018, the Restart  student movement received $ 20,000 from the Soros Foundation.

Another expert, members of the group "The Voice of People" club,  Arman Ghukasyan, stated that in 2018 grants amounting to about $ 3  million were transferred from a Soros foundation to a number of  Armenian organizations. The "Union of Informed Citizens" NGO also  received funding from the Open Society Armenia Foundation. <The grant  of this organization was 400,000 dollars. The organization has an  anti-Russian position and opposes the participation of Armenia in the  EEU and the CSTO. This is nothing but interference in our domestic  and foreign policy, "the experts stressed. Experts propose to  introduce a new legislative regulation, which will suspend the  activities of such funds in Armenia. <We must understand that  non-profit organizations of Soros are working against the interests  of our country. The foundation is a threat to countries such as  Russia, Hungary, Israel, Austria and not harm Armenia? >, Ghukasyan  said.