No one charged yet over Armenian soldier’s death during New Year

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 11 2019

An Armenian soldier identified as Edgar Grigoryan suffered fatal gunshot injuries on New Year's day, with authorities providing no information on the incident.

Speaking to, spokesman for the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan commented on the reason why the ministry did not report the death of the serviceman, explaining it has nothing to do with the military duty or a service-related situation.

“Since the incident is not linked with the military duty or a service-related situation, the preliminary investigation does not have a clear answer on this matter, that’s why no information has not been provided,” he said.

A contract soldier, Edgar Grigoryan sustained fatal gunshot wounds in the chest at the combat position of a military unit on 1 January, at around 4am. He died after being hospitalized at the Meghri Medical Center, the Investigative Committee told

The committee says it has launched a criminal case into ‘causing someone else's suicide’ under Article 110 of Armenia’s Criminal Code.

“Causing somebody to commit suicide or make an attempt at a suicide by indirect wilfulness or by negligence, by means of threat, cruel treatment or regular humiliation of one’s dignity, is punished with imprisonment for the term of up to 3 years,” reads the article.

A probe is underway to reveal the circumstance behind the incident. “No one is charged in the criminal case,” the committee said.