Political analyst: 2019 will be the year of formation of the political field in Armenia

Arminfo, Armenia
Jan 11 2019
Ani Mshetsyan

ArmInfo. It is not a secret for anyone that the past year was very important for political life in Armenia, a change of political elite occurred in the country.  Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan said this at  a press conference on January 11.

He noted that the entire structure of the government has changed,  that is, the prime minister, the government, and the parliament.  After the change of power, society appears as serious hopes, and in  the country there are serious challenges. "Of course, a very  important fact is that the change of power took place without  violence and the letter of the law was observed, that is, there was  no violent seizure of power.  Also very important is the fact that  the new government intends to preserve all the main vectors of the  country's foreign policy. It was noted more than once that relations  with Russia, the EU, Iran, Georgia and the United States of America  are very important for Armenia, "the political scientist said.

However, according to the expert, after the revolution, as it usually  happens, serious challenges appeared in the country. "Many say that  there is no opposition in the new parliament, but the problem in this  case is much wider. The political force that is at the helm of the  state does not have a developed system of power.  Today, in a  parliamentary republic, such a republic is Armenia There is no  developed party system. With an undeveloped party system, it is  impossible to talk about the development of a parliamentary system of  government. The party "Civil Contract" is not yet a strong party with  a large number of human and political resources; it is a party that  has yet to take place. Moreover, political forces may soon begin to  have problems, since it is necessary to work out certain programs and  implement practical policies. It is impossible to enjoy the current  level of legitimacy solely by imertia ", Iskandaryan noted.

He stressed that the year 2019 will be the year of the formation of  the political field in Armenia. "Many speak about strengthening  democracy in Armenia, however, democracy is not only an election, but  it's also developed political institutions. Of course, today there is  rather strong support in the society for the new government; however,  it's more personal support. Most of the people of Armenia support  Nikol Pashinyan, not representatives of his team. The fact is that  many members of the newly elected parliament are novices in politics,  and among them there are a lot of inexperienced personnel who have  yet to get stronger, " the political scientist concluded.