Azerbaijani Press: Baku decided to give lesson to Paris

Turan Information Agency, Azerbaijani Opposition Press
Baku decided to give lesson to Paris
Baku / 10.01.19 / Turan: The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan reacted painfully to the statement by the representative of the French Foreign Ministry about the need to release the blogger Mehman Huseynov and the letter from the OSCE representative for the press Arlem Desir of similar content.
Instead of responding the claims, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry called on Paris to respond to the facts of violence against demonstrators in France, stated the head of the press service of the Foreign Ministry, Leyla Abdullayeva.
According to her, commenting on the situation with Mehman Huseynov, at a time when France itself was embraced by the actions of "yellow vests", is ridiculous. "Against the protesters in this country, water cannons, batons and other means of violence are used, more than 4,500 demonstrators were detained. Azerbaijan hopes that the charges against the demonstrators detained in France will be dropped, and they will soon be released," she said. According to her, France has long held a pro-Armenian position, and this can be perceived as pressure on Azerbaijan.
French citizen Arlem Desir, the State Secretary of the French Foreign Ministry, and overseeing the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, was known in Azerbaijan as a person with a pro-Armenian position. Apparently, Desir, forgot the principle of impartiality, preferred to speak from the position of the country he represents. Therefore, we can recommend that he evaluate violence against demonstrators in his country, Abdullayeva said.
Earlier the Foreign Ministry expressed itself more diplomatically and with a greater degree of logic.
From this statement, it follows that Baku took care of the fate of 4,500 demonstrators detained in Paris only after Paris touched upon the fate of Mehman Huseynov. In addition, official Baku always justifies cases of police violence against its own citizens by the need to maintain stability and order. -02D-

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